To build fancy applications, one needs the ability to understand the user, the design and the tools presented. To understand means to learn and to be quick about it. Understanding complicated issues on an abstract level and from more that one point of view is the key to successful applications. My specialty is to dig into languages and frameworks, into existing code bases or projects and to familiarize myself with new environments in no time. Having an understanding of fundamental solutions (i.E. patterns) and years of experience, I thrive anywhere between rapid prototyping and well tested and documented software. Between pristine projects and such which require code rescue. After all, the deadline is sure to come.

“Exploring ideas, finding solutions”

Christopher Hardt


Code Rescue

Anything JS/TS

Angular, React, Vue, Vanilla

Hybrids & PWA

Ionic, Quasar


PHP, SQL, Bash and Unix, APIs


iOS, macOs, Android

Quality Code

clean code, documentation, testing


Audio, Video, Photo